Top 5 Burger Myths

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Have you ever wondered what mysteries surround a burger? Surely, it’s not just about the buns and the meat. What misconceptions surround a burger, especially the best burgers or the healthy burgers?

Well, today, we’re going to look in between the grills and debunk the top five myths surrounding burgers.

Myth #1: A slider is a mini-burger

Most people assume that a slider is a mini-burger, which is not the case. A slider has a small ball of meat, pressed flat, cooked in a minute, and sanwiched in between two buns. The origin of its name has two stories. The first is that it’s so small, it slides down your throat. The second one, a more interesting story, is one from White Castle (insert info here). As you enter the bar, chefs greet you immediately. If you opt to sit at the counter, they would serve your burgers on porcelain plates and slide them over to you, hence their name “sliders.”

A mini-burger is literally a normal burger but smaller in scale. It has the same ingredients that make up a regular-sized burger. It’s not much of a favorite among chefs, as it is hard to get right.

Myth #2: Burgers are bad for you

Just because burgers are delicious and juicy doesn’t make them bad for you. In fact, they’re a great source of protein, especially if you’re a bodybuilder. Protein from an 80-20 burger (80% lean meat, 20% fat) helps repair muscles and cells. It can also give you the proper amount of iron and vitamins you need for the day.

Myth #3: The infamous incorruptible burger is actually very corruptible

Yes, we’re talking about that burger (pun intended). In 2008, a user shared a photo of her 12-year-old McDonald’s burger that hadn’t rotten since she bought it. She then explained that this happened due to the burger not having any sort of nutritional value and is filled with all sorts of chemicals instead, causing a worldwide fear for people who would want to stay healthy and safe as much as possible.

This unprecedented review was debunked by scientists, and McDonald’s themselves, a few years later. McDonald’s hamburgers are cooked well-done on a very hot griddle, thus drying out all moisture from the patty. The bread is also cooked and toasted on the same griddle. Simply put: McDonald’s burgers are too dry to rot completely as almost all moisture has been sucked out of them when left alone. This doesn’t make it any healthier, but it does squash all the “pure chemical” rumors they’ve been facing.

Burger Myths

Myth #4: An expensive meat will mean a better burger

Don’t be fooled by the extravagance of a piece of meat. While it could be attractive, what matters most in a burger is using the right cut with the proper ratio of fat to lean meat.

It’s also best to steer clear of pre-made patties. Yes, it skips a step in the burger-making process but making your own patties means you can season it any way you want to. This gives you total control over the kind of burger you’d like to make, resulting in happy taste buds and an even happier tummy!

Burger Myths

Myth #5: Burgers have more calories than salads

This might surprise you, but salads actually have more calories than burgers. The salad dressing has more fat than fries or chips, which usually come with the burger.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip on the salad and go for the burger! Remember that fries have more trans fat and may increase your cholesterol levels. A salad also has more vitamins than a burger and falls under the vegetable category.


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