How Comfort Food Plays A Big Part in Filipino Culture

Comfort Food

It’s no secret that Filipinos absolutely love food. From home-cooked meals to dining out, Filipinos are never afraid to splurge on a delicious meal. But how exactly did food become so integrated in our culture? From our delicious Filipino delicacies to our twists on burgers, pasta, and other foreign food, it’s always a feast at the dining table.

But what makes food such an integral part of our culture? With dishes like pancit, boodle fight, chicken inasal, and pan de sal, we definitely love mixing up different flavors and making it our own.

Historical influences

Countries like China, America, and Spain have colonized the Philippines for over a century. They brought with them their culture of food, introducing Filipinos to their special dishes. Soon, dishes like dimsum, paella, burgers, and many others have become part of Philippine culture. The lumpia, which was made fresh and dipped in peanut sauce, can now be served fried and dipped in soy sauce.

The Filipino’s take on pancit now includes oysters and squid, sometimes sprinkled with rice crisps. Many Filipino dishes now are influenced by other countries, giving a fresh new take on their food. That sweet Filipino touch is what makes our food so distinct.

Chicken Wings Comfort Food

Family bonding

Filipinos are big on families – and have big families! It is the center of Philippine social structure and includes all members of the immediate family, aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents, cousins, and close family friends.

With a big family comes big reunions – and that means lots and lots of food! From boodle fights to multiple main course dishes, nothing bonds a family together than food, especially when cooked by lola and when eaten together.

Serving others

Filipinos are all about hospitality. It’s more common to hear “kumain ka na ba?” (have you eaten?) as a greeting, especially when being invited to our homes. In our culture, our form of showing affection is to feed our guests until they can no longer eat – and then we badger them to either eat some more or take some food home.

Our food is something we Filipinos are very proud of. Festivals all over the nation are not complete without rows and rows of ulam (viand) that are the respective province’s specialty. Cebu is known for their lechon while Bicol is known for their spicy Bicol express. On days when there are no festivals to entertain tourists, we love to shower our guests with our local street food to tourists and natives alike.

There may be 7,107 islands in this country, but if we can all agree on one thing, it’s our love of food – and we love it a lot.

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