Burgers CAN Be Healthy and Here’s Why

THIS burgers are ALL NATURAL

An ideal world is a world where you can eat as much as your heart desires without the unhealthy consequences of your food. We’re far from achieving that globally, but we’re on our way there. Take burgers as an example.

They’re juicy, delicious, and satisfying, but not very good for you. Or are they? In today’s article, you’d be surprised to know that healthy burgers do exist and some, if not most, burgers have health benefits.

Great source of protein

The red meat found in burgers is complete with amino acids essential in repairing and renewing muscles. It also contains potassium, zinc, and many more that can be great for all-around health. These proteins give structure to cells, builds lean muscle mass, and is used as reserved energy once your body is out of carbohydrates.

Good levels of iron

Beef has proven to be the most nutritious of meat.Having it twice a week will restore the proper amount of zinc in your body. Eating too little of it can cause iron deficiency and lead to anemia.

Beef, or red meat, is the best source for heme iron. Your body absorbs all the iron it can get, with men needing at least eight milligrams while women need at least eighteen milligrams of iron each day.

One lean burger patty has more than three milligrams of iron. We’re not telling you to eat at least six burgers a day, but one healthy burger with a lean beef patty can help in giving you the daily dose of iron that you need.

Burgers Can Be Healthy

Great vitamin B12 source

When you drink a glass of red wine, it contains antioxidants that help in lowering cholesterol and improve blood circulation. Similar to that, red meat contains a vitamin only found in animals – vitamin B12.

This helps your body produce new red blood cells. A normal adult will need around two to three milligrams of vitamin B12 a day. A burger gives you three milligrams of vitamin B12 which means one burger is already enough to give you the proper amount of vitamins you need.

THIS burgers are ALL NATURAL

With all these new health findings in burgers, we’re sure you can’t wait to sink your teeth into a juicy and savory burger. But always remember eat in moderation! The perfect amount of red meat will give you the vitamins you need but too much can lead to high cholesterol.

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