About Us

THIS Burger's humble beginnings as a burger house in Molino

Like many delicious beginnings, THIS Burger all started with a craving for the most satisfying burger in the Philippines.

While the task may be daunting, the owners of THIS Burger stood up to the challenge. Unable to find the most satisfying burger in the country, they realized there was only one answer to their problem: if they wanted to find the most satisfying burger in the Philippines, they would have to make it themselves.

And so started the origin story of THIS Burger.

A good burger always starts with a good patty – and the people of THIS Burger knew exactly where to start. It wasn’t just about making a great-tasting patty, they also wanted to make a healthy one. So, instead of ground beef, they used ground chicken breast, making the patty leaner and fat-free. The only problem with chicken breast was its dryness, making it hard to form that familiar patty shape and flavor known and loved by many.

After four months of trying to get it right, it just wouldn’t work. It seemed as if the dream of creating the most satisfying burger in the country was moving farther and farther out of reach.

One day, an idea popped into the minds of THIS Burger’s founders: since a pure chicken breast patty would be too dry, why not add some ground beef to the mix? This will give the patty the right amount of juice and flavor that it needs.

And so, THIS Burger was born.